Ruslana Pysanka was the victim of a family of Roma

Well-known Ukrainian actress and presenter Ruslana Pysanka was the victim of a Gypsy at the Kiev station. Her tried to Rob him and she was injured. About this star told on his page on Facebook, reports the with reference to

Руслана Писанка стала жертвой семьи ромов

According to the report, on the morning of Tuesday, October 15, the lead began to persecute the Roma at the Kiev station. Star noticed that it is the Roma family of five. On the go they undid the backpack of Easter Eggs, but it felt and looked round sharply.

Due to a sudden movement of the star can not keep his balance and fell onto the roadway. Leading broke elbow, broke down and got a few grazes.

According to the Easter Eggs during the incident from her backpack fell all the things, but Gypsies don’t have time to take anything as it arrived, the husband star. Leading called the Roma “do not dishonor the nation.”

The incident reacted people’s artist of Ukraine Olga Sumska. She turned to the police and the measure of Kiev, Vladimir Klitschko with the requirement to solve the problem with the Roma at the Kiev station.