Russia and Saudi Arabia are unable to agree on the parameters of the reduction of oil production

A new obstacle for a deal between Russia and Saudi Arabia to regulate the situation on the oil market of a steel of the contradiction in the parameters of the production cuts.

Россия и Саудовская Аравия не могут договориться о параметрах сокращения добычи нефти

The Tape is with reference to Bloomberg.

Both sides advocate that acceded to the agreement of the United States, although President Donald trump while publicly rejects this possibility. The question will try to raise at the meeting of energy Ministers “Big twenty”, which will take place on April 10.

The meeting of representatives of OPEC+ scheduled for Thursday, April 9. Previously it was assumed that it will take place on Monday, but to negotiate the parties failed.

One of the reasons sources say the dispute between Moscow and Riyadh responsible for the beginning of a price war. Countries have shifted responsibility on each other for the radical drop in the price of raw materials more than doubled amid slump in demand.

The start of negotiations on production cuts last week announced the US President Donald trump. He announced that the reduction will be 10 or even 15 million barrels per day. However later head of the White house explained that, in his opinion, this is just OPEC, led by Saudi Arabia and Russia. Otherwise, he warned, the country could face us sanctions.

As of the morning of 6 April the price of Brent crude has fallen to 33 dollars per barrel.