Russia could reach a lot of things with daily economical visits, and we would not collapse, – demographer Libanova

Russia could have reached a lot of things with just a few economical visits, and mi b ; demographer LibanovaBy Irina POLISCHUK, FACTI The whole world marvels against the Ukrainians of Russian aggression in the first days of the war. Our enemies, not caring for the numerical superiority of the living forces of that assaulted, could take Kiev in three days. The Ukrainians, as if they didn’t call to stop, from the small to the grown-up, they huddled against the defenders of their land. For a few months before the  when they actively barked at the government and  talked about the lack of trust in state structures, then before the guise of aggression they forgot about the  wars. More and more, today's experiments show: people believe that the country is collapsing in the right direction. Let speak about trust to the Army Forces of Ukraine for years      can can Ukrainians fight with   "the inner enemy" — corruption, about the imovirnist of the economic crisis “FACTS” We talked with Honored Economist of Ukraine, Director of the Institute of Demography and Social Affairs Ella Libanova.

Also, we fed the demographics as the mentality of Ukrainians changed with the cob of warfare and e emigration, which is critical for the region. Even if we don’t need more than to stand on the cordon of the state, but th to take people in, so that after the completion of the war, the return of the  family was born on the territory of Ukraine and it  ;Imperial remembrance is very important to separate»

— Hello Marlenіvno, like the attack of Russia was not clear for the Ukrainians themselves, because until the last time they didn verify the imovirnіnіst of the war in the 21st century, then our shalena was in full swing. What helped help help strong fight?

& mdash; Zagalom, Russia could reach a lot of things with daily economical visits, and mi navit but didn collapsed. And from if on us it it seem to have gone with a sword, and therefore the practices do not simply reproach ourselves, but defeat like the nation, the purpose became the main motive of the foolishness. No one would like that.

Age mi programmed at technical, ozbroennі. Let's start now, since everyone began to help us, so that already talk about the cob of war.

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— The Russians underestimated the Ukrainians, as if they were crying «cry». Our calm «we we unhappy nothing in  we are not» (for example, tієї zh zbroї) don't be sure, let's say, truthfully. Vodnochas have  susidiv diє the principle of «ponti expensive for pennies». Did tsia vіdminnіst play a role in vіynі?

— Sure. Yakby stench was reassured that in Kiev for three days we didn’t lie on knees, we had bi nakshe. Now it’s not like that anymore: the period of “hat-capping” having finished, the stinkers are resolutely getting ready to think over their sketches. The Russians respected that the Donbas, then it was so unreasonable, and Crimea would be on the scale of the whole country. Russian chauvinism —

— Why?

— Tse has been wiggling for a long time. It’s important to part ways with the imperial wedding. Navіt Britannії tse it turned out even smoothly. I care: today's civilization — Let's think about British civilization.

— Navіt from Russian oppositionists often slips through Ukraine — Nemov’s relative from a distant, abandoned, poor village.

— Tse in them, and in us  In view of the complex of menshovartosti mi it is hardly possible to call. Vіn svіdomo pawned and spit, to crush our Cossack spirit. >— Got something for Ukrainian mentality — individuality.

— Is the edge of my house?

—   More s s hours of Stolipín have we not taken ideas like like navit, let’s say, Siberia. There people are more smart about 'dnuvatsya for the sake of something. We didn't need need'stop, we if cook». From the cob of large-scale warfare, we came up and realized that                     Such an effect is effectively, as  to to about svіdome, and not  "fuck". In my memory'yat the first fall if in Ukraine «mi» began to dominate over the “I”.

We have been blessed by the power of fate, the power of tomorrow, our homeland. If sociologists nurture whoever you trust, then then then they live chuli, more the closest, the zócrema of the motherland, more troshkas to the sudіds, colleagues.

Mi did trust no order, power, no president, parliament, and no one. Zavzhdi bula dovira to the Evil Forces of Ukraine, signs were given to the Cossack root. Aje, our army, in spite of the supremacy, primir, modern defences, could not be fooled. At once it dawned on me: dovira to & nbsp; ZSU goes off scale. So it little buti.

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—   we about'came during a bad time…

   Who I bachu through the                Axis t'appeared. Truth be told, I can’t say, having said, go about it new. Previously, it didn’t dominate, it was stuck, shards of "re  repeat" similar speeches are not. And from what's really new — we strengthened the strength of the great suspense, its strength, its ability.

— em>— 2014 rіk not showing, more when the Donbas and Krim emerged. If you talk about suspense psychology, I'm overwhelmed: it didn't happen to Krim, it didn't happen to Donbass, because it won't be the first. For  the presence of such a support, as a whole, on the Donbass sche there bula b Novorosiya.

In 2014, the fate of the mi mali problems that caused's the day of the day of the president: a lot needed to choose too little Now the situation is radically different: we have absolutely legitimate government, elected by the greater. Be sure to get out of the chi nі —

Ninі all experience to talk about dovira to ownership and change of population, so the country is collapsing in necessary straight line. For Ukraine, the price has become so naming. This never happened.

— Today it is too much to talk about the new values ​​of Ukrainians. Have the stinks really changed?

— Ні. Values ​​are not new to us. Let's face it, stinks can't change so quickly. In Ukrainians are not similarly European values, but not Asian. We would like to have order in the krai, but not bazhaemo we zhorstko cheered.

— Is it necessary to put things right and reform all state structures, but also, what if couldn't your godfather shuffle»?

— І tse also .

«Today Ukraine b'is for European values, without which Europe cannot can»

— Cheering   By different experts, I feel more and more often: Ukraine is changing the world of old Europe, as if it doesn’t even exist anymore.

— Europe doesn if you don want to change, but it to do not less our country. It so happened that this year Ukraine would be worthy of European values, without which Europe would not be able to do so. In a way, I can’t reveal dictatorship in be it a European country. T impossible. And who for tse b's today? Ukraine. I b didn't say what for values for Ukraine. You need to seriously marvel at speech — without obvious encouragement, our country didn’t visit b.

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— Dehto z economists, yak sounded not simply firmly, but suddenly marveled at the speech, speaking, speaking, at Ukraine’s eyes on the financial crisis. Andje on international inquiry, Ukraine is far away «not vise».

— Why? I will ask again, as if we were given a penny, and we we will be stolen, it is clear that    we cannot see». In in the future, if there is a glimpse of a modern, updated, modernized “Marshall Plan”, we will be aware of a different situation.

— I renew everything turns to corruption, as if it becomes a stumbling stone.

— I b said our tolerance is up to corruption.

— Never mind when you failed to change our stature to that scum?

— I don I don't know. Behavior of people under the terrible hour threaten the foundation of the nation — tse one, and in peacetime — zovsіm іnshe. In I don’t have any worries, so we we we we we we we we we we we we we we behave so. Less krusty — maybe, even if it on there there a little less?

in Ukrainians work after the end of the war and to earn pennies for the pensions of the future generations through the mass transfer of the procesed population.

Photo: Oleksandra Medvedeva/NV


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