Russia did not let the Chinese team at the hockey world Cup 2020 in Irkutsk

Россия не пустила сборную Китая по хоккею с мячом на ЧМ-2020 в Иркутске

The teams of China at the hockey will not play in the world Championships 2020 for ball hockey due to the outbreak of the coronavirus in China.

The men’s team of China planned to be at the world Cup 2020 in the Russian Irkutsk from 1 to 6 March. However, the Russians decided not to allow it for the tournament.

“The reason for this decision is the situation with the spread of the coronavirus in China and the possibility of its spreading to other teams participating in the tournament”, – quotes the message of the Russian Federation of bandy

For the same reason, will not perform at the world Cup in 2020, which will be held February 19-22, in Oslo, and the female national team of China.