Russia is facing removal from the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo

России грозит отстранение от Олимпиады-2020 в Токио

Russian athletes can participate in the Olympic games 2020 in Tokyo because of the suspicion of manipulating data of the Moscow anti-doping laboratory. On Saturday, September 21, citing sources, reported the British newspaper the Telegraph. Similar information was published by journalists of the Associated Press.

According to journalists, the world anti-doping Agency (WADA) suspect that Russia during the last 18 months manipulated the data and falsified the results of the doping tests before they got into WADA.

Thus Russia tried to hide the fact that athletes in the past were systematically dope.

The Telegraph writes that the information on this will be announce on 23 September at the meeting of the WADA Executive Committee in Tokyo.

In addition, journalists are convinced that within the next two months there will be new evidence of violations.

Sources of publications claim that if manipulation of the data is confirmed, it may lead to the exclusion of Russian athletes from the Olympic games in 2020.

Journalists believe that the data that they could manipulate, relate to the period covered by the report of Richard McLaren published in 2016.

Also The Telegraph writes that such “manipulation could not be carried out with the approval of the state, but there is evidence for their widespread distribution.”

That the Moscow anti-doping laboratory is suspected of manipulating data, September 20, reported the German journalist, Hyo Seppelt, known for his revelations about doping in Russian sport, says DW.

A year earlier, 20 September 2018, the Executive Committee of WADA returned RUSADA status of compliance with the code, which a Russian organization was deprived in 2015 because of a doping scandal.

The main condition of restoration of rights was the provision by the Russian side until December 31, 2018 data access validation doping samples Russian athletes, who are kept in the Moscow laboratory, sealed in connection with a Federal investigation. But the experts of WADA managed to copy the database only in mid-January 2019.