Russia made a strong statement about ending the war in Syria

В России сделали громкое заявление о завершении войны в Сирии

In Russia announced that the war in Syria is over. Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov claims that war is no more, except that it remains “private tensions”.

The war in Syria is really over. The country is gradually returning to normal, peaceful life. Separate tensions persist only in areas not controlled by the government of Syria, like Idlib and the Eastern Bank of the Euphrates river, “said Lavrov in an interview to the Russian newspaper “Trud”.

Speaking about the future of Syria, Lavrov said that he wants the Russian-backed Syrian opposition went to the constitutional Committee of Syria and proceeded to reform the political system, all the Syrians have begun the process of returning home, and the country returned to the “Arab family.”

Russia launched a military operation in Syria on 30 September 2015. Three years later, Russia has declared that losses of the Russian forces in the region was 112. The authors of the report did not specify whether that number is eliminated in Syria PMCs soldiers “Wagner”.

4 September 2019 in Syria has killed at least three Russian commandos.

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