Russia orders repair of Crimean bridge by July 1, 2023

Russia orders repair of Crimean bridge by July 1, 2023


Russia announced Friday to order the repair before July 1, 2023 of the Crimean bridge, partially destroyed in an explosion last Saturday that Moscow blames on Kyiv. 

The government “sets the deadline for the end of state contracts for the execution of works as July 1, 2023,” according to an order signed by Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin.

The Crimean Bridge, symbol of the annexation of the eponymous Ukrainian peninsula and crucial for the supply of Russian troops engaged in Ukraine, was partially destroyed by a truck bomb attack, according to Moscow.

Services Russian security forces (FSB) claimed that this “terrorist attack” was organized by Ukrainian military intelligence, assuring that an agent from Kyiv had coordinated the transit of explosives through several countries and had been in contact with various intermediaries.< /p>

In response, Russia led on Monday and Tuesday di massive bombings across Ukraine, including targeting civilian energy infrastructure that caused widespread power and water cuts.

On Wednesday, the FSB said it arrested eight people – five Russians and “three Ukrainian and Armenian citizens” – suspected of participation in this attack.

Road and rail traffic has however partially resumed for several days on the bridge.