Russia picked three Israeli attack on Syrian facilities, threatening to shoot down Israeli planes (PHOTO)

Россия сорвала три удара Израиля по сирийским объектам, пригрозив сбивать израильские самолеты (ФОТО)

Russia has blocked at least three Israeli strike on military targets in Syria, threatening to intercept and to shoot down Israeli planes with air defense systems s-400. This was the cause of the emergency visit of the Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu in Sochi to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin, the newspaper writes Independent Arabia.

According to the site, in August, Moscow prevented an Israeli attack on a Syrian army position in the Kasyun, where the Russian air defense system s-300, and a week later – on the objects in the area of Quneitra and Latakia. Netanyahu tried to persuade Putin to continue the policy is to close our eyes to the Israeli attack in Syria, but he failed.

The Russian President said that Moscow will not allow the damage to forces of Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad regime and supplied weapons. According to Putin, the acquiescence of Israel will look like a conspiracy and a blow to Russia’s relations with its allies in the region, the newspaper said. Now Israel will have to revise the list of targets in Syria and Iraq.

In addition, Putin expressed his dissatisfaction with Israel’s actions in Lebanon and made it clear to Netanyahu that Moscow has a negative attitude to any violation of Lebanese sovereignty. In late August, the Israeli air force launched a series of airstrikes in Eastern Lebanon near the border with Syria. In particular, they attacked the headquarters of “popular front for the liberation of Palestine” and the objects of the forces of “Quds” – special forces unit of the Islamic revolutionary guard Corps operating outside of Iran.

September 10 edition of Avia.Pro reported that Russian fighter jets flew extra Hamim from the air base to intercept the Israeli aircraft, preparing to inflict night attacks in southern Syria in response to alleged incident of rocket attacks on Israeli territory. A few hours before the Syrian missile system was brought into full alert, but, obviously, it is Russian su-35 were able to prevent Israeli aircraft, according to the material.

According to official information announced by Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, Netanyahu and Putin at the talks in Sochi focused on “the situation in the middle East and North Africa, with a focus on the Syrian settlement” and agreed to continue and to intensify a dialogue on military lines, which “is developing well”. (quoted by RIA “Novosti”).

Meanwhile, the Russian Federation itself, according to media reports, in the coming weeks can deploy in Syria large-scale ground operation involving hundreds of mercenaries to retake Idlib province from the opposition. Syrian opposition media since the end of August reported about the accumulation of “intelligence of Russian aircraft” in Idlib. In early September it was also reported killed several Russian special forces.