Russia stopped pumping gas via Turkish stream

Россия остановила прокачку газа по Турецкому потоку


The design capacity of the Turkish stream – 31.5 billion cubic meters of gas per year

Facilities at the landfall of the gas pipeline in Anapa and at the receiving terminal in Kyukei will take place planned maintenance work.

Russia stopped at the first prevention of a new pipeline Turkish stream, which gas is transported under the Black sea from Russia to the West of Turkey. On Tuesday, June 23, Interfax reports.

“Transportation of gas on both strings of the pipeline Turkish stream will be temporarily suspended in the morning of 23 June to 29 June for the annual complex maintenance and basic diagnostics”, – stated in the message of the project company.

During a routine stop at the onshore landfall in Anapa and at the receiving terminal in Kyukei will take place planned maintenance work which will take three and six days respectively. During this time, perform annual maintenance of your equipment both objects and verification of protection systems and sensors.

Provided that the suspension of gas transportation has been scheduled and agreed by all stakeholders, including Gazprom, Gazprom export, TurkAkim Gaz Tasima A. S. and the company-operator of the pipeline South Stream Transport B. V.

Transportation of gas will be resumed in accordance with the nominations received from OOO Gazprom export, immediately after the completion of the work.

We will remind, in January 2020 the launch of the Turkish stream, with the participation of the presidents of Turkey and Russia. But since then, Turkey has cut gas purchases from Russia in 14 times.

Turkish flow design capacity of 31.5 billion cubic meters of gas per year supplies gas West of Turkey, and also Bulgaria, Greece and Macedonia. One of his threads intended for the Turkish market and another for the countries of southern Europe. With the beginning of the year to Europe through pipeline supplied about 2.5 billion cubic meters (three times less possibilities of the pipe – 15.75 billion cubic meters per year). Soon, however, the gas flow should come to Serbia, then to Hungary and Austria, which will increase the download of the highway.

The supply of gas via the Turkish stream to Turkey in February amounted to about 17 million cubic metres per day in March – 6 million cubic meters a day, while the total backbone’s capacity is 86 million cubic meters per day, and threads for the Turkish market of 43 million cubic meters per day.