Russia wanted to place Belarus air force base in exchange for help with the purchase of fighter planes (PHOTO)

Россия хотела разместить в Белоруссии базу ВВС в обмен на помощь с закупкой истребителей (ФОТО)

The state Secretary of security Council of Belarus Stanislav Zas said that Russia proposed to place on the territory of the country the air force base in exchange for assistance in the purchase of su-30CM. According to him, Minsk has decided to “rely on their own abilities”, informs television channel “Belarus 1”.

The state Secretary of the security Council said his country was trying to negotiate with Russia about assistance in the delivery of combat fighters su-30CM. “Instead, I got an offer for placement on our territory of military air base of the Russian Federation. But agree, it’s not the same thing: placing on our land air force base does not solve the problem of the development of our own combat aircraft”, – he said.

According to the state Secretary of the security Council of Belarus, directly involved in the resolution of this issue was received by the President of the country Alexander Lukashenko. “Without his direct involvement, we would now this task is not decided,” said Zas. The head of the security Council stressed that the supply of su-30CM is just the beginning of rearmament of the air force. Only Belarus has bought 12 su-30CM – is a heavy fighter designed to destroy air, ground and sea targets.

In November of last year Alexander Lukashenko also said that Belarus does not need military bases on its territory as the country itself is able to ensure its security. According to him, the Belarusian military able to confront any aggression and conflict on its territory and surpass the efficiency of many countries, including Russia.

“While the approach of any aircraft from the territory of Russia, if necessary, 3-5 minutes. Why then is the base? Why to be substituted under blow of a possible aggressor, pushing air base to the front? One or two of the launch and runway blown up, and no aircraft will take off” – then said Lukashenko, calling the talk of a military base of Russia is not more than chatter.

The refusal of Minsk to allow the creation of Russian military bases is a significant gesture, said the former commander of us forces in Europe in the years 2014-2017, Lieutenant-General Ben Hodges, whose opinion is cited in the article in the Wall Street Journal about the concerns of the West about a possible absorption of Belarus by Russia.

“While President Lukashenko can speak Russian: “Thank you, we are unable to protect themselves”, it makes a significant contribution to stability in the region,” said Hodges. The head of the General staff of the Polish armed forces Raimund Angachak not agree: “despite the fact that Russian troops regularly conduct exercises in Belarus, the fact that Moscow does not have official bases in the country, is not so important. Given the current nature of the conflict, where the main role plays the time factor, it’s not a constant presence, and adaptation, infrastructure and military mobility (translation InoPressa).

Expected in December, will be signed a program of economic integration between Moscow and Minsk. On the background of the expansionist Imperial ambitions of the Kremlin leadership that determine the foreign policy of Russia and its relations with neighbouring countries, there are concerns that the implementation of this document may lead to the absorption of Belarus, both economic and political.

This week the Prime Minister of Belarus Sergei Rumas said that the Belarusian authorities have not yet agreed with the Russian side of the “road map” for integration in the field of gas, oil and energy, and sign them only subject to the interests of Minsk. The Chairman of the Belarusian United civil party Anatoly Lebedko of the opposition at the recent Forum of free Russia in Vilnius urged not to underestimate the upcoming December events and not consider them a “cabal” of Lukashenka and Putin. But under certain scenarios the echo of what will happen hear in Kiev, Vilnius, and Warsaw, the politician believes.

The US and the EU for years was subjected to Lukashenko ostracized for suppressing democracy and human rights in Belarus, but now to resume high-level contacts. So, in mid-September, the Belarusian President at the meeting with U.S. Undersecretary of state for political Affairs David Hale in Minsk said that Belarus is aimed at strengthening and development of relations with the United States.

In early October, Lukashenko called the situation in the Donbas conflict between Ukraine and Russia and urged the two countries to closer talks to resolve the situation. Later in the same month, the Belarusian leader said that Minsk is ready to “any of the unions”, but wants the Republic remained in the center of Europe, “stable, with intact borders.” Lukashenka also said the threat to the independence of Belarus by “certain forces”.