Russia will return Ukraine’s gas debt

The Russian Federation had agreed to pay Ukraine about $ 3 billion that was won in the Stockholm arbitration.

Россия всё-таки вернет Украине газовый долг

This informs the telegram channel “Ukraine is in shock.”

So, Russia decided to put an end to the litigation between “Gazprom” and “Naftogaz” agreed to pay the debt.

According to the Ministry of energy of the Russian Federation and “Gazprom” the situation is not commented. In the Ukrainian “Naftogaz” the situation has not yet spoken.

Earlier it was reported that the Ukrainian and Russian sides still agreed gas deal during talks in Berlin. Details at the moment were not disclosed, as the parties must agree on all the details and clauses of the contract with the main leadership in the capitals of their countries.

Thus, the outcome of the negotiations was not announced neither a new contract nor the volume of transit gas. Also not known the time a new Treaty and what will be the cost of one cubic meter of natural gas.