Russian hacker confessed to large-scale theft of customer financial institutions in the U.S. for hundreds of millions of dollars (PHOTOS)

Российский хакер признался в крупнейшей краже данных клиентов финансовых учреждений США на сотни млн долларов (ФОТО)

The citizen of Russia Andrey Tyurin, was extradited last year to the United States from Georgia, admitted in a U.S. court his guilt on the charges against him in cyber crime. This was reported by Bloomberg.

“I pleaded guilty on these points, because I’m really guilty,” – he said at a court hearing in new York, referring to the district judge Laura Taylor Swain. According to court documents, Tyurin pleaded guilty a month ago and began to testify in the case this spring. He pleaded guilty to stealing data from more than 80 million customers 12 financial companies and banks, which brought him and his accomplices hundreds of millions of dollars.

Cyber attacks, which accused the Russians, was aimed, in particular, against JPMorgan Chase and companies like Fidelity Investments, E-Trade Financial and Dow Jones & Co. The sentence should be delivered on 13 Feb 2020.

According to investigators, Tyurin and his associates have made cyber attacks on US financial institutions from 2012 to 2015. The Russian was on the loose until 2018, was arrested in Georgia and extradited to the United States. In the aggregate Tyurin could face up to 92 years in prison, including 30 years for conspiracy to commit computer hacking and Bank fraud.

According to prosecutors, the group action has spread to all types of illegal digital activities, including identity theft and the online sale of counterfeit pharmaceuticals and malicious software, as well as the concealment of the true source of the proceeds of money laundering through Bank accounts. Part of the money was laundered through bitcoin exchange.

U.S. authorities initially suspected that we are talking about state-sponsored cyber attack, associated with the Russian intelligence service, however, the collected evidence suggests that there is no connection with intelligence. The Georgian authorities also said that Moscow attempted to regain Turin to Russia after his initial arrest, but to no avail. The mastermind of the scheme, an Israeli businessman Gary Chalons, was arrested at his home in 2015 in a suburb of tel Aviv. Chalon was extradited to the United States in 2016, but the status of the case against him is unknown: it is reported that he is cooperating with authorities. Several other co-defendants either pleaded guilty or were convicted after trial.