Russian karaoke and Malanka in the Ukrainian language: how to spend a weekend in the USA (10-12 January)

ForumDaily Thursday, as always, helps readers to determine plans for the weekend. Still don’t know what to do? Then we hurry to share ideas on how to spend it. A variety of activities on the Russian language, as well as festivals, concerts, performances, excursions and entertainment for the whole family — everyone will find something for everyone.

Русское караоке и Маланка на украинском языке: как провести выходные в США (10-12 января)

Collage: ForumDaily

So, in new York you can visit the charity concert “new York- Odessa”, in addition, the city will host an exhibition dedicated to the war in Ukraine, and the famous ride the subway without pants.

In Miami don’t miss the concert of Anastasia Skye, well known to all Russian and European jazz circles, singer, or go shopping at the Bazaar Under the Palms.

In Los Angeles, a festival of beer and burgers, a children’s performance of “the Nutcracker” in Russian, in addition, everyone is invited to celebrate the Malanka in the Ukrainian language.

In the San Francisco Bay Area don’t miss the free master-class in Russian about buying your first home in the United States, the opening of the art exhibition by Elena Kasyanov and Russian karaoke.

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