Russian know-how: fire on the road BMW X6 extinguished faeces from the septic system machine…

Российское ноу-хау: загоревшийся на дороге BMW X6 потушили фекалиями из ассенизаторской машины...

In the Russian Samara during the movement caught a prestige SUV. The fire happened on one of the routes of the city. The driver of a foreign car had immediately called to the scene of the incident all relevant services and called on the help of other drivers. However, the fire spread with such speed that waiting time was not, writes the Russian media.

Fortunately men drove past the car service sanitation. She stopped, and its driver agreed to help the victim. Taking the hose, he began to pour the prestigious car of brown liquid. The fire eventually managed to eliminate.

“I drove by this view, the owner of the cars he helped the little man on the ladder to extinguish the fire. And he did it very cleverly. Wish the guy good luck, I hope his car can be restored”, — told the witness the incident.

As he wrote, “FACTS”, recently in Moscow there was a major fire in a warehouse with equipment. Explosions were heard oxygen and propane cylinders. Was carried out the evacuation of people from adjacent buildings.

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