Russian law enforcement officers became heroes funny cartoons

Российские правоохранители стали героями забавной карикатуры

In a caricature of the Russian security forces Andrei Petrenko. Well-known artist, pleasing users of the network an unusual view of the cartoonist on the ongoing political events and top politicians from different countries, has published a new picture on his twitter page.

The picture shows the Russian “policeman” in the helmet. A view by a Russian militiaman awesome, because it is the iron mask. The essence of the pictures that mask from the movie “silence of the lambs” Hannibal, cruel killer-cannibal who ate the flesh of their victims.

The mask is made of iron, and at the level of the mouth are little “stops” that will not even allow the mask to use his teeth to bite the victim.

Российские правоохранители стали героями забавной карикатуры

Network users sarcastically commented on this tragi-comic fotozhabu Andrei Petrenko.

“General Lecturer”, “Hannibal Bonaparte”, “This is gilt?”, “These muzzles are necessary for all the cops and regardie”, “If it is not Tr*khnut cut off his head, he banal the killer” and similar comments can be seen under the post author’s picture. However, there were also those who recommended Petrenko voiced such to portray something about the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin: “muzzle Putin thief!”