Russian names that seem funny to Americans: why is the US so much Ivanov

“We can’t even imagine how much normal for us words in other languages denote something indecent. But the most annoying here, when this word is the name of the person,” writes the author of the blog “Sergei Kurylenko” on “Yandex.Zen”.

Русские имена, которые кажутся американцам смешными: почему в США так много Иванов

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Hereinafter in the first person.

Agree that would not be very nice, when you arrive on holiday in any country, and the locals, with whom you met, as soon as they hear your name, I giggle. This, of course, unlikely, but I’m sure that the precedents have occurred.

And if Asian countries with their complex and incomprehensible language for us deaf steppe, the English at least we are taught in schools.

I hasten to please you, the Russian names that make Americans smile, not so much. Here I will give an example of 2 Russian friends with different names, over which are good joke friends the Americans.

The first name is Vasily. In Russia this name is no surprise and certainly no one will laugh, but in the US it’s different. The fact is that “silly” is translated as “stupid”.

Compounding the situation is the fact that the emphasis in the word “Basil” falls on the first letter “and”, so the pronunciation clearly hear the second part of the word. Some write in the Latin script of the name as “Vasily”.

But this does not mean that all Vasiliy denied entry to the States, because you can always introduce yourself as “Bob”.

The second name is also quite common we have Yuri. To hear approximate the American pronunciation of this name you can in the game.

There, you can hear the American pronunciation of the word “urine”, which literally translates as “urine”. But in this case, the problem can be easily solved if you just say “Yura”.

In the US, by the way, there is an option to change your name when applying for citizenship. Some of our fellow citizens use this opportunity to the Americans it was easier to pronounce and remember their names.

“The Americans give the names of special importance. At least so it seems at first glance. Yes, there is still a lot of familiar names like: John or Michael, which I think will be in Vogue for a long time. But at the same time, some parents give their children some unusual names and they’re not scary,” — writes the blogger.

Many Americans do not know how to hide the surprise, so if they hear some unusual name, be sure how it will react to it. Most often their emotions are expressed in compliments like “What a nice name!”, although they really think we will never know.

Today in the U.S. there are 5,000 names that are more common than others, and the total number of names is approximately 40 000.

Agree, the figure is very impressive. Here still it is necessary to consider that many immigrants in the United States, no other country in the world, and therefore such a variety.

This is despite the fact that many of citizenship are changing their names to more “American” so as not to attract too much attention. Although this too has its meaning – the name plays a role, for example, when applying for a job.

Census Ivanov

You might be surprised like I was surprised. According to the census Bureau of the U.S. population, of people with the name Ivan in the U.S. there are 87 759 people. It seemed to me that the figure will be much less.

These statistics are for the “first name”, in our “name”. But with the “last name” (surname), things are not so rosy. One of the most popular names in Russia – “Smith” in the States there are only 2 734 times.

The Americans, incidentally, also has a “John”. Their version is the familiar “John”.

By the way, in preparation for writing this article, I learned that the most popular name in the United States is “James”, although all my life it seemed that leaders are the Johns.

The Association of a name of Ivan in America

If you think that the Americans are not familiar with our culture, then you are in principle right. But there are still some details that have come to States.

For example, it was found that Ivan the terrible, about which we have talked a lot in school, had the reputation of its rigidity and in the United States. There it is called “Ivan the Terrible”.

It is clear that the name “Ivan” for Americans very familiar and so when they hear it, the first their Association is necessary to Ivan the terrible. For our people it is not always pleasant, because “terrible” is translated as “terrible”, “terrible”.

In General, Americans do not hesitate to ask again, if you do not understand how to pronounce or remember your name. Often you can hear from them something like: “What’s your name again?”

Think for yourself, do all you can to hear and understand, when all around you there is so many names from almost all over the world. Including why they love to find the names of the Association and reduce them.

Another difficulty lies in the fact that the same hearing the names may be different in the recording, so in the States is the norm, when you are asked to spell the name.



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