Russian pipelay refused to finish the SP-2

Российский трубоукладчик отказался достроить СП-2


Nord Stream 2 should not rely on Luck, write media

The company renting the lay barge Fortuna, does not intend to participate in the completion of the pipeline.

The Russian company Mezhregiontruboprovodstroy (MRTS) are not going to participate in the completion of the pipeline Nord stream-2 use of the lay barge Fortuna, subsistencelevel of the company.

Barge Fortuna, which was previously associated with the project, according to the company, is leased for use in other projects.

In MRTS clarified that the company never was the owner of the barge Fortuna. “JSC MRTS is not the owner of the vessel and leases it back on bareboat Charter for use in other projects,” the company said.

The publication notes that fortune was used to lay the pipe at the beginning of the project.

The barge is now in the German port of Rostock.

“If fortune is not involved in the completion of Nord stream-2, it is not clear who will lay pipe for the rest of the Danish sea area. The only suitable candidate remains pipelay Academician Chersky”, — notes the edition.

Earlier, Nord Stream 2 received permission to use in the construction of the gas pipeline not only ships with dynamic positioning system (as Academician Chersky), but the court with anchor positioning system (as Fortuna). The company might resume construction on 3 August, but have not done so.

Both courts in recent months, stood in the German port of Mukran, the logistics hub project.

We will remind, the project was stopped in December last year because of U.S. sanctions. In Washington ugotovana to expand them, which will lead to the suspension of hundreds of millions of euros of investment in the project.