Russian plane crash: death toll rises to 15

Russia plane crash: death toll rises to 15


Fifteen people lost their lives in the crash of a Russian military plane in Yeysk, a city in southwestern Russia, and Vladimir Putin offered his condolences to the bereaved families on Tuesday.< /strong> 

The investigators said they favored the track of a “technical fault” on the device, a Sukhoi 34, to explain the accident which had occurred the day before in this city of 90,000 inhabitants located opposite the Ukrainian port of Mariupol, devastated by the Russian forces at the start of the conflict.

“A victim died of his burns”, indicated on Telegram Anna Minkova, vice-governor of the Russian region of Krasnodar, raising the toll of this disaster to 15 dead.

She said that the number of injured totaled 43 people, including 9 children. Of these forty people, 25 are still in hospital, three of them in critical condition.

Vladimir Putin “offers his most sincere condolences to the families who lost their loved ones in this disaster”, said Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told the press.

The accident took place on Monday evening, when the Sukhoi 34 crashed during a training flight in the middle of bars. buildings.

The plane, full of fuel, quickly caught fire, setting fire to the passage, according to the Ministry of Emergency Situations, five levels of a building, covering some 2,000 m2.

The Committee of Russian investigation pointed out that the pilot, who managed to eject before the tragedy, was questioned by his services.

Flight recorders were recovered from the site of the disaster and fuel samples were taken at the airfield from which the bomber took off, continued this body responsible for the main investigations in Russia.

“In mourning”

The plane fell on an apartment building with 600 residents.

Vladimir Putin had quickly dispatched health ministers Mikhail to the scene Murashko and Emergency Situations Alexander Kurenkov, according to a statement from the Kremlin.

Governor Veniamin Kondratiev, for his part, decreed a period of mourning in his region on Tuesday.

The images of the explosion and flames enveloping the entire facade of the building provoked strong reactions in Russia. 

A video posted on social networks showed residents of Yeysk finding the pilot nearby of the building. Asked if his plane had been shot down by a missile, still haggard, he simply replied: “No”.

On Tuesday, Russians laid flowers and toys in memory of the children killed in the tragedy, in front of the building with a sign: “Yeisk. 10/17/2022. We will remember. We are in mourning.”

Interviewed on Russian television, Natalia Kouch, a resident of the affected building said “she heard a terrible explosion. I looked outside and saw the pilot flying right beside me,” she said.

Images of the wreckage show the plane cut in half, the Russian army logo on one of its wings, with cables protruding from the engine.

At least five floors of the building were charred, with a collapsed balcony and destroyed cars nearby.