Russian-speaking residents of Minnesota who entered the crowd on the truck, was released from custody

On 31 may, the tanker truck drove into a crowd of protesters in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Ran the truck a Russian-speaking U.S. citizen Bogdan Vechirko. He was arrested, but on 2 June released from custody pending further investigation, says Bring Me the News. Wife of Bogdan said that after the incident he was beaten and robbed, and now the family is asking for help.

Русскоязычного жителя Миннесоты, въехавшего в толпу на грузовике, освободили из-под стражи

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35-year-old Bogdan Vechirko of Otsego was initially arrested on suspicion of a possible attack after his truck quickly drove to a large crowd of protesters who blocked interstate 35W in Minneapolis after the road closure.

Tuesday, June 2, Hennepin County attorney Mike Freeman said that the case of vechirka “deferred pending further investigation” and the Bogdan was released from prison.

State officials said that Vechirko believed to be headed to the protesters unintentionally. He was trapped on a closed motorway in that time, as the surging crowd had gathered on the road.

“Investigators are in the process of gathering additional information and answers to help in making decisions about the accusation,” — said the Prosecutor’s office.

Videos show that Vechirko continued traffic on I-35W, while the other machines had expected, and was ahead of the crowd.

As the wife of Bogdan vacirca and her sister’s husband, Artem Loginov, Bogdan was beaten and robbed.

Loginov claims that the incident was unintentional. According to him, he spoke to Vecherko and is convinced that the incident on the bridge “was not his fault”. He didn’t want that to happen, and he had no intention to cause anyone harm or doing anything bad, said a relative quoted by the Star Tribune.

Monday, June 1, Commissioner of public safety John Harrington said that the driver “panicked and just continued to move forward,” but I haven’t broken any barriers set to protect the protesters, and did not pursue any goal.

Русскоязычного жителя Миннесоты, въехавшего в толпу на грузовике, освободили из-под стражи

Photo: Hennepin County Jail

Some of those who were on the bridge, disputed this, including drew Valle, who said that the driver showed “gross disregard for humanity.”

Lyudmila Vecherko, who is 8 months pregnant, recorded a video in Russian, which appealed for help: “due to numerous requests I recorded this video for anyone who cares and wants to help our family.” She is holding a piece of paper with the address for collection of funds in PayPal.

Lyudmila Vechirko adds that “our credit card frozen because he stole a wallet, phone and all the stuff in the cab of the truck. I am very grateful for all your open heart.”

Loginov also said that the family is “very grateful to the people who came to rescue him, and very grateful to the police” that drove some of the demonstrators started to attack IBIS, Vechirko after his truck stopped halfway at the bridge over the Mississippi river.

According to Loginov, the financial position of the pair has suffered greatly due to the fact that Bogdan misses work, and also because of his wife’s pregnancy and the possible legal consequences of the incident.

“They are a poor family, — said Loginov. — He is a hard worker and the only one who brings money to the family.”

According to Loginova and Bogdan Vechirko came to the United States from Russia at the age of 4. With Lyudmila he had met in Minnesota.

“He’s a good, friendly guy, — said Loginov. — He just went home”.

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