Russian woman tried to smuggle to China gold bars, gluing them to the feet

Россиянка пыталась вывезти в Китай золотые слитки, приклеив их к ступням

Customs officers in the TRANS-Baikal region found nearly two kilograms of gold from the Russians, which was headed to China.

It is reported by the far Eastern customs administration.

The woman aroused suspicion as nervous and unnatural rearranged his feet when walking. When checking a metal detector revealed that she tape was taped to the soles of gold bullion.

Only the Russians were eight ingots weighing 1864 grams. The examination found that they are made of gold artisanal. The value of bullion exceeds five million rubles.

The woman explained that transporting gold at the request of a Chinese citizen for a fee. Against it criminal case about contraband of strategically important goods and resources, to it threatens till seven years of imprisonment.

Since the beginning of 2019, the officers of the customs post MAPP Zabaikalsk repeatedly detained citizens of Russia who are hiding tried to move the gold to China. So in August 2019, the citizen of Russia tried to export to China 10 gold ingots in your shoes under the insoles.