“Russians don’t have any feelings, that the stench denies the recapture of the territory,” Oleg Saakayan about the pseudo-referendum in the Kherson region

«The Russians don have no innocence, so the stench of the Okuvanized territory Oleg»,&dbsp; about the discussion of the pseudo-referendum in Kherson regionMikhailo SERGUSHEV, “FACTI” In the order of the day Russian ZMI came up with the topic of holding a pseudo-referendum on the territory of the paid off Kherson region about coming to Russia. Fake «intercessor of the head of the military-civilian administration» Kirilo Stremousov recognized the impossibility of organizing a referendum on the topic through the obvious pro-Ukrainian attitudes of the population and through the mass leadership of the mass self-regulation of the occupiers. Although, singly, the Kremlin is not aware of such plans. How much stench is real and what contaminated in Kherson region, "FACT" talked to political scientist Oleg Sahakyan.

— Olezhe, how you do you care why the plans of the occupiers of Kherson changed?

«Russians don don speak, the stench diminishes the occupation of the territory», — — At the same time, the Russian Federation on the  time-hourly paid off territories of the country, in essence, behind the "Crimean scenario", carrying out the de facto annexation of the Kherson and parts of the Zaporizkoy regions, —</em> kazhe Oleg Sahakyan<em>. — Ale, Russians don processes don publicly. For the time being, the stink scho & nbsp; voted against the announced referendum in the & nbsp; Kherson region, so as not to create their own & nbsp; evil in & nbsp; It's because Russia can not may be impure, so the slaughter of its territory will be left under its control. Yakby occupants immediately held a rigged referendum, rozdmukhali b іz th great victory, then in the future, if you happen to turn Kherson of Ukraine, їm it will be nice to explain to the rosters, how  The Russian occupiers cannot mute any guarantees at once, because the stench has already dominated the Ukrainian pivdni.</em></p>
<p> <strong>— What are the moods of Kherson? What is the greatest number of our citizens who can support the occupiers?</strong></p>
<p> <em>                      actually there are no such tricks. One of the key markers of such support are those whom the Russians designate as the heads of the occupational administrations. Navіt at & nbsp; tse marginal city dwellers, which city dwellers don know. And in  small places, it is important to appoint guards against the administrators of doormen, two convicted persons of those  nshih characters, who in  in their minds nowhere in the  harmonic building were not allowed to  b It's worth talking about those that Russia and collaboration on temporarily paid-off territories among the local residents are extremely unpopular. More adequate people are not ready to deal with occupiers. Russian occupation in the Kherson region and parts of the Zaporizhia region is converging with the active support of the Ukrainian community.</em></p>
<p> <strong>— You remember that the scenario of the so-called “DNR/LNR” Can not repeat in these territories?</strong></p><!-- adman_adcode (middle, 1) --><script async=

—      the recovered territories of Donetsk and Luhansk regions were totally cleared of everything that could  ;Ukraine. Ale navіt vihodyachy z th factor, in "DPR" that "LPR" for                  not                          The occupiers of Kherson and the swamped part of the Zaporizhia region are being actively cleaned up for the "Donbass scenario" ta & nbsp; strangle any kind of opir among Ukrainians. For this stink, blocking the way from occupied territory and access to Ukrainian ZMI, in order to encircle more information about those who visit between the Kherson region. At one time, Russian propagandists will change the inhabitants of the temporally paid off territories, which Russia has crossed over to Kherson region for good. Key task for the aggressor — usіma possible ways to evil the spirit of the city population. Ale their chains don not go out. The line of the front is at once very close to Kherson. Rozumiyuchi, for now the occupiers do not go to holding a referendum on the accession of occupied territories.

— What possible variant of slandering Russia's occupied territories with its own territories in order to threaten Ukraine with a nuclear strike at times and times?— For the Russian Federation there is no significance of the legal status of the territory. Їm needs only ghosts. To let in that chi our armor, payback that chi іnushu territory — decisions are accepted exclusively by the Kremlin on the basis of their current interests, and thus create an appropriate picture. For this reason, Russia's victorious theme is the arrival of swamped territories as non-returnability, after that, you won't take them away from them. Such a policy is directly aimed at an older audience. There is no way to make the context of the Ukrainian diplomatic maneuvers looking back at the need to thrive in Russia. And on in the internal arena, the annexation of Ukrainian territories does not change our goals in any way deoccupation.

—  The captured territories of Russia brought a great number of Ukrainian children. Tse & nbsp; greedy bastard. What can may be a chance to turn the little giants of Ukraine home?

— Tse it is even more foldable painful food. The Russian Federation, vlasne, is engaged in kidnapping. We can simply succumb after the end of the war for the additional international mechanisms and international pressure to turn the children back to Ukraine.

Earlier “FACTS” wrote about those who in Kherson are slowly beginning to see the vision of my collaborators, as if they are already preparing paths for access. remember about Kherson: an expert about the support of the bagmen of the paid-off city

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