Russians in the US have created a robot that helps in the fight against the spread of coronavirus

The Russians have created a robot Promobot 5, which provides information about the coronavirus, thereby helping to contain its spread. This writes USNews.

Россияне в США создали робота, который помогает в борьбе с распространением коронавируса

Screenshot: YouTube/Promobot

The robot with a friendly face and visited new York, it was installed in times square Monday, June 22 to help to provide information about the new virus.

Curious passers-by stopped to filled out a short questionnaire on an iPad-like touch screen that is attached to the chest of the robot, and even talked to the car.

Promobot was created by a startup from Philadelphia who creates robots for business.

“We have developed special software for detecting symptoms of the coronavirus,” said the company’s Director of business development Oleg Kevorkian.

“We understand how important this issue is, as people are nervous, people are afraid of this. But if they understand a few simple things, such as, what symptoms does the coronavirus that they must do to prevent this, all will be well, and all will be happy,” said Kevorkian.

The robot actually does not detect a virus. He asked if someone has common symptoms, such as fever, and people have to click “Yes” or “no” on the touch screen, after which they receive an encouraging message.

“This thing is very smart. It’s really very clever,” said Tara Healey, who came to new York from London.

The team of Russians created a robot that can measure the temperature — Promobot Thermocontrol — it can be installed in offices and public places. It can measure the temperature for 5 seconds. The measurements are sent to the database, including the user’s face and full name (if present in the database). If the temperature is not normal, the input can be restricted with the help of remote access systems, says Promo-Bot.

The team of developers, except Oleg, composed of Alexey Yuzhakov, Maxim Chugunov, Igor Eremeev, Daniel Oniskiv and Maxim Utev.


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