Saakashvili said his position on IMF loans for Ukraine

After the head of the Executive Committee of reforms Mikheil Saakashvili suggested Ukraine to refuse IMF loans, the official decided to expand his idea.

Саакашвили уточнил свою позицию по кредитам МВФ для Украины

This reports the analytical portal “Hvilya”.

On the official page on Facebook, Saakashvili decided to “fix”, writing a post in English about lack of understanding from colleagues.

“Some people didn’t understand what my position on the IMF. I have said many times that Ukraine has no relation to good cooperation, because especially in times of crisis, Ukraine needs money and more than the IMF has played in the promotion some much-needed reforms,” he writes.

The Georgian politician also cited the experience of his presidency and cooperation with the IMF.

At this stage, I strengthened relationships that benefit the program of reforms of Ukraine. Strategically as well as Georgia during my presidency, we get to a situation where the IMF assistance will no longer be necessary because we will have sound finances and its own program of radical reforms. How long will it take to get them — a few years, but we will follow the ball. Like I said, any attempt to get out of the IMF programme now fit only enemies of Ukraine,” — concluded Saakashvili.