Saakashvili said that Ukraine’s economy could fall by 20%

Need to avoid mass arrivals of the tax on business.

Саакашвили заявил, что экономика Украины может упасть на 20%

Oyu, the head of the national reform Council Mikheil Saakashvili said at the first of a series of meetings with representatives of the real sector business, after President Zelensky took the initiative to urgently review the law and 1210 introduce a new bill taking into account all the problematic issues.

In your Facebook, Saakashvili said that the business Association has brought a lot of changes, “each of which we will take into account when preparing amendments to the law that will be submitted in the next few days.”

He expressed hope that the Parliament will quickly consider to minimize the negative effects of the new law and “to avoid massive tax raids on the business, what everyone is afraid of and expect, and that is incredibly dangerous during the impending economic storm.” Saakashvili noted that “Ukraine’s economy could fall by 12-14% at least, maybe 20%”.

“It is also totally unacceptable the concept that we need to reach some sort of compromise. That is, we (the state) and the other side is business and between business and government need to reach a compromise. There are no two sides if we want some success. Is business, which creates 80 percent of jobs in Ukraine is a parliamentary majority, which should embody the interests of those who create the economy, jobs and overall society. Any attempt to divide us and blame the business that it had incorrectly interpreterpath provisions of the new law, they say, they still need to learn — that attitude, looking down from above, with the advent Zelensky has to stop if we really want to implement the program of the President”, — added ex-the President of Georgia.