Saguenay: a man charged with dangerous driving causing death

Saguenay: man charged with dangerous driving causing death


A man who killed a motorcyclist after running a red light on Talbot Boulevard in Saguenay was charged Thursday with dangerous driving causing death.

The suspect in this case, Jonathan Bédard, 48, appeared Thursday afternoon in Saguenay. He faces a charge of dangerous driving causing death. The investigation is ongoing and further data will be analyzed.  

The accident occurred around 4:21 p.m., Wednesday afternoon, on boulevard Talbot, in the borough of Chicoutimi.  

According to the information available, the he accident occurred at the intersection of rue des Sœurs and boulevard Talbot. 

“The motorcyclist was exiting the Canac entrance and a car traveling from south to north crossed the intersection on its red light. He hit the motorcycle head-on. Several witnesses on the spot tell us that the driver went through a red light,” said Carl Tremblay, prevention and communication officer at the Saguenay Police Department.  

Dangerous intersection

The motorcyclist was pronounced dead at the Chicoutimi hospital. It is Yves Tremblay, 64, of Saguenay.

“The driver was arrested on the spot,” added Mr. Tremblay. 

Many people have denounced the safety of this intersection on social media and an online petition has been launched asking the authorities to intervene to prevent further tragedies. 

“I I live in this place and each time I am at this light, all of a sudden, one and sometimes even two cars pass over the light that has turned red. I see vehicles, trucks, school buses with children. Complaints have been made on several occasions in Ville Saguenay by residents,” commented a woman who shared the petition on Facebook.  

According to Mr. Tremblay, police officers carry out constant monitoring of this sector which is considered “problematic”. Despite everything, some motorists continue to engage in risky behavior.  

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