Saguenay: he attacks the police after a collision

Saguenay: he attacks the police after a collision


An individual who was likely intoxicated by alcohol who was involved in a collision in the Laterrière area on Saturday evening, tried to flee the scene before attacking the police who were trying to arrest him. 

The incident occurred on the way to the Church around 11:30 p.m. The man driving the vehicle was about to flee the scene when authorities arrived.

“The man in his thirties refuses to be arrested and resists upon his arrest. At the police station, he refuses to provide a breath sample,” said Sergeant Carl Tremblay, of the Saguenay Police Department.

But the difficult interaction between the parties did not go away. stopped there. In addition to obstructing the work of the authorities, the suspect in question has made death threats against them. 

He will eventually be released, subject to conditions, but will face charges of obstruction , threats, impaired driving and refusing to provide breath samples. 

Two other people were arrested in the area overnight Saturday into Sunday for driving with more than twice the legal blood alcohol limit.