Saguenay: he enters the house of strangers and falls asleep on the spot

Saguenay: he enters the home of strangers and falls asleep there


A man who broke into a Saguenay home was arrested when local residents found him dozing in their apartment on Tuesday evening.

< p>The incident occurred around 7:45 p.m. on rue Bégin, in the borough of Chicoutimi, in Saguenay. 

After returning home, the tenants of the place discovered an unknown person inside and contacted the authorities. 

“The intruder in question was asleep at the scene. The police were able to intervene before he woke up,” explains Lieutenant Stéphane Pellerin, of the Saguenay Police Department (SPS).

This is a 37-year-old individual who allegedly a prior record, authorities say. 

No one was injured in the case, however.

The man was arrested for breaking and entering, unlawful presence in a home and for non-compliance with conditions. 

The latter was still in his cell on Wednesday morning, awaiting his appearance at the Chicoutimi courthouse.