Saint-Honoré groundwater potentially contaminated

Saint-Honoré;s groundwater potentially contaminated


Traces of a contaminant were discovered in the groundwater of Saint-Honoré, near the airport.

When work began on the Center québécois de formation aéronautique (CQFA), last summer, traces of toluene were detected in a sample taken.

Toluene is a chemical that is harmful to health. It is a component formerly used in gasoline. This suggests that the substance sampled has been present for quite some time.

For its part, the Ministry of Transport has also carried out analyses. However, there was nothing to worry about in the latter.

“We pushed the research further and the water sampling was inconclusive. On the other hand, we can see that there may be a contaminant on site. It's a bit like when you see oil in water,” explained the spokesperson for the Ministry of Transport, Émilie Lord.

As the two results are contradictory, other tests will have to be carried out.

A three-year contract will be awarded to an external firm to ensure follow-up.

Even if part of the drinking water in the city ​​is drawn near this place, citizens have nothing to fear.

The well closest to the area examined, some 800 meters away, is stopped during the procedures. It was already operating at very reduced capacity.

“Our wells are upstream and the contamination [where the CQFA is located] is 800 meters below the last well that does not work. The water does not go up, it goes down”, indicated the mayor of Saint-Honoré, Bruno Tremblay.

The call for tenders has been launched to find the firm that will carry out a hydrogeological assessment of the site< /p>

The Ministry of Transport wants to identify the origin of traces of toluene found or confirm that the first tests were wrong.