Saint-Sauveur district: a one-way street soon on Saint-Vallier West

Saint-Sauveur district: a one-way street soon in Saint-Vallier West


The City of Quebec will soon test a one-way street on a section of rue Saint-Vallier Ouest in Saint-Sauveur, learned The Journal.

The experiment will be launched “as soon as possible”, confirmed the district councilor, Pierre-Luc Lachance, in an interview. The City's transportation division has given the green light to this project, which has been in the air since 2017.

Motors who use Saint-Vallier Ouest between the Griendel microbrewery and Saint-Joseph Street Ouest (near the Shogun restaurant) will therefore no longer be able to travel eastbound on this artery (towards Charest Boulevard). Only those arriving in the opposite direction will still be able to use the targeted section.

Request from traders

“ We were asked by the SDC [Société de développement commercial] to try to facilitate the development of terraces on both sides of the street. We are working on creating a central one-way street. It requires redoing the markings on the ground,” said Mr. Lachance, who is also vice-president of the executive committee. Some RTC routes will also be reviewed, he said.

The Marchand administration, which has just launched a new online questionnaire on the complete redevelopment of this commercial artery (between Charest and Marie-de-l'Incarnation), believes that the end of summer and fall will allow it to make up your mind about the relevance of a one-way street.

“There, the idea is really to test according to a permanent redevelopment. I'm not telling you it will be. The one-way street is part of the portfolio of options to be analyzed […] It will bring a calming of traffic on the street and therefore increase comfort and safety and then active mobility,” pleads Mr. Lachance.< /p>

Citizens want more

Sarah-Jane Ouellet, of the Saint-Sauveur Citizens' Committee, believes that the experience will be ” interesting&nbsp ;» to see the effects on circulation. However, she feels that the City is not doing enough for pedestrian safety with this “little piece of street”.

She is also sorry to see that the City has abandoned the pedestrian street. on Saint-Vallier this year and has not renewed the pilot project for shared streets in the district, with the exception of rue Victoria. Mr. Lachance replies that the City will move forward with a permanent shared street on Père-Grenier in 2023.

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