Sainte-Brigide-d'Iberville: a young father in a semi-coma after a rare rodeo accident

Sainte-Brigide-d'Iberville: a young father in a semi-coma after ;s a rare rodeo accident


A 23-year-old father was near death and could no longer walk after having his back crushed by a horse while rodeoing this weekend in Montérégie.

“As soon as I saw it was wrong, I got up in the dais and ran away. It was so stressful, I had a panic attack. […] We are really lucky that he is still alive”, launches Mégane Cabana, 23 years old. 

It was her spouse, Daven Bouvier, who almost spent there Saturday evening practicing his passion during a rodeo show in Sainte-Brigide-d'Iberville. 

“In the small paddock, before leaving, the horse backed up backwards. Daven was crushed between the metal barriers and the really heavy animal's behind. He got stuck. Immediately, he screamed, “says Journal Ms. Cabana, still in shock. 

The 23-year-old father at the rodeo in Sainte-Brigide-d’Iberville. This is the same place where he had his back run over by a horse last Saturday.

“After the accident, on the stretcher, he said to me baby, my legs are finished“, she blurts out.

Risk of disability

The young father, who had rode a dozen times before this event, was later taken to the emergency room of the Montreal General Hospital.&nbsp ;

He was put in a semi-coma and on an artificial respirator to avoid further pain. When he woke up on Tuesday, Daven Bouvier was still in his head. However, he had to be operated on because the horse broke a vertebra and damaged his spinal cord. 

“His spine had become crooked. Doctors tell us they can't say whether he can walk or not until we have all the test results. It is certain that this is what worries us the most at the moment”, confides Mégane Cabana. 

The mother of the family hopes that her husband will be able to walk and run again with their two children. aged three years and 18 months.

Mr Bouvier with his son Maysen, 3, and daughter Kenzie, just 18 months old.

Still hope

“We really have hope and so do the doctors. Yesterday he started to feel again when his feet and legs were touched. This is excellent news because he felt nothing in his lower body since the accident,” explains his spouse.

Daven Bouvier and his spouse Mégane Cabana on a horse.

She adds that “motor function” has still not returned to normal. It is therefore impossible for Daven Bouvier to move his legs. 

The latter works in the field of construction. His relatives therefore launched a crowdfunding campaign to help the small family of Farnham. Mr. Bouvier and his spouse risk being absent from their jobs for a long period of time because of this accident. 

Unheard of

Jean Giguère, at the head of the Rodéo Sainte-Brigide where the accident of the young man had, affirms that it is about the very first time that he sees such a situation in 24 years of career. 

“It really is a bad luck. I have never seen that. Sometimes, some have a paw or the animal crushes us on the leg, but nothing serious. It's normal, it's part of the risk. But crushed in the same way in the enclosure with the horse, it is very rare”, insists Mr. Giguère. 

He specifies that he has known “little Daven” since the age of two years and that he has been passionate about horses since his early childhood.

“I feel sincerely sorry for the loved ones who are experiencing such an extraordinary event. And unfortunately, I don't know what happened in the paddock at the time of the accident,” concludes Mr. Giguère. 

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