Sainte-Thècle: the tone continues to rise between citizens and the mayor

Sainte-Thècle: the tone continues to rise between citizens and the mayor


On Monday evening, citizens of Sainte-Thècle, in Mauricie, demanded the resignation of the mayor during the municipal council meeting.

Several residents criticized, even insulted the mayor, Michel Rheault, by asking for his resignation. Two elected officials also requested a vote of non-confidence, which was however not retained by the majority.

It is that the result of the investigation by the Commission municipale du Québec, which severely blames the mayor and one of his consultants, does not pass. “He was called different things: dictator, incompetent, another term that was given. I don't think it's rewarding, sitting in a place like that. I have the impression that the qualifiers were right,” said Pierre Veillette, a resident present at the city council meeting on Monday.

For Sophie Lesage, another citizen present Monday evening, the situation is a sign of disappointment. “Yesterday the world was furious. Total disappointment. After the session, everyone was talking outside. Everyone wants his resignation because with the breach of trust … there is no more trust,” explained Ms. Lesage to TVA Nouvelles on Tuesday.

According to her, the village is dividing. The emotion is palpable. The pride of the citizens took a hit, added Mr. Veillette.

The mayor, for his part, seemed shaken by the course of the meeting. However, because of the Commission's report, he expected this kind of reaction. “I believe it's teamwork. I think we have to put the past behind,” he said.

The latter has no intention of leaving office. In its report, the Commission demands changes that must be implemented before the deadline of October 3. “We have a request to resume an investigation into the psychological harassment that took place at City Hall. We will have human resources through the Quebec Federation of Municipalities. We will also have working relationships to support us in the process. Everything will be monitored very closely by the Commission municipale du Québec,” explained Michel Rheault.