Salaries of Ukrainian IT subside into the background of the strengthening of the hryvnia

As Ukrainian hryvnia affect dollar salaries of it specialists

Зарплаты в украинском IT проседают на фоне укрепления гривны

The salaries of Ukrainian it specialists subside on the background of strengthening of the hryvnia.

The publication has noticed that not so long ago the dollar was 28 UAH, and now it is 24 hryvnias. Against this background, the dollar programmer salaries in local currency for the year fell by 12%, and employers are not in a hurry in no hurry to revise the rates. Also now the question of the tax to the IT-sphere.

On this topic the portal DOU a week ongoing debate. Now there are more than 700 comments. Pros predict what will happen to the dollar and when it will rise again. Some complain that wages are lower and the goods and services becoming more expensive. There is an opinion that, well, isn’t it time to tie wages to the local currency. And who thinks the strengthening of the hryvnia positive for the country and the population.

The publication claims that in the IT market rumors that some IT companies employees are already required to compensate for sagging of the salary due to the strengthening of the hryvnia.

The average salary of programmers in Ukraine now is $2000. The publication writes that employees of the top 3 largest IT-companies of Ukraine, revision of wages has not yet been.