Salma Hayek funny Network video, which throws unexpected guests from his mansion

Hollywood star laugh users network video, in which she unsuccessfully tries to expel the uninvited feathered guest from London mansion.

Сальма Хайек рассмешила Сеть видео, в котором выгоняет нежданную гостью со своего особняка

The famous actress Salma Hayek tried to banish from his elegant London mansion, where she lives with her husband, billionaire Francois-Henri Pinault, duck. The video with the exile birds the Hollywood diva has posted on his page in Instagram.

The footage shows a duck sitting comfortably on top of the wardrobe and, despite the entreaties of the stars, to leave their homes was not going. The actress even had to climb ladders to “reach out” to the ducks, but this attempt to get rid of it were unsuccessful.

Salma Hayek spoke with the bird that in English, in their native Spanish.

Also in the video, the celebrity admitted that her husband doesn’t believe that duck she snuck into the house.

“He thinks that I made her as a pet,” joked the actress.

What the story ended with the expulsion of the house of the uninvited guest, is unknown. However, the movie pretty fun for fans of Hayek.