Salma Hayek teased fans sharing photos kit Harington

The actors decided to whet the interest of fans to the filming of a new movie in kynoselen Marvel “Eternal”. Changes in the appearance of kit Harington you can guess that the work on the film has already begun.

Сальма Хайек подразнила фанатов совместным фото с Китом Харингтоном

Recently Salma Hayek has published in his Instagram photo with Keith Harrington. The actress wrote that he could not believe that working with the legendary Jon snow. In the picture you can see a transformed actor: Keith more is not the same long hair and thick beard, known from “Game of thrones”.

Marvel has announced that Harrington will join the cast of the new film, the exhibition Disney D23 Expo. The actor will play the role of Dane Whitman that the story cloaked in the mantle of villain the Black knight. Salma Hayek will play the female version of Zajac, the leader of Eternal.

The cast of “the Eternal” really stellar. The role of Icarus performed by Richard Madden, former star of “Game of thrones” and Angelina Jolie will transform into Ten. Eternal is the new gods, a race of superhumans who have created intelligent life on Earth. It is worth noting that the original Creator of the comic has insisted that the Eternal did not become a part of the Marvel universe. But, as everyone already knew, events have conspired otherwise, and now all the fans are eagerly waiting for the release of the film in November 2020.