Salvador decided to send all Venezuelan diplomats from the country (PHOTOS)

Сальвадор решил выслать всех венесуэльских дипломатов из страны (ФОТО)

Salvador sends all diplomats of Venezuela and gives them 48 hours to leave the country. The decision was taken due to the lack of recognition of the regime of President Nicolas Maduro, Reuters reported, citing a statement by the government of El Salvador.

According to the Agency, the government emphasizes that it does not recognize Nicolas Maduro as the legitimate President of Venezuela and believes opposition leader Juan Guido acting head of state. So, while in Venezuela are not held free elections.

The expulsion of the diplomatic corps to the position of El Salvador on this issue, the statement pravitlstva of El Salvador.

As noted in the document, “the government of El Salvador gives 48 hours to the entire diplomatic corps of the regime Maduro to abandon the national territory”. In the near future the government of El Salvador expects to receive credentials from new members of the temporary President Juan Guido.

As TASS says, the situation in Venezuela worsened after the 23 January this year the leader of the Venezuelan opposition, Guido, whose appointment to the post of speaker of Parliament two days earlier revoked by the Supreme court, declared himself acting President. The interim head of state recognized by the US, joined by members of the Group Lima (except Mexico), the Organization of American States and most EU countries.

The current President of the Bolivarian Republic of Maduro called the incident a coup attempt and announced the severance of diplomatic relations with the United States. It was supported by Russia, Belarus, Bolivia, Iran, China, Cuba, Nicaragua, Syria and Turkey.

In April, Guido stripped of parliamentary immunity and brought a criminal case against him.

In recent years, the economic situation in Venezuela has deteriorated sharply. The fall in living standards and shortages of consumer goods has led to massive migration of Venezuelans to neighboring countries.