Sam Smith said that he was beaten for wearing women’s clothes and cosmetics

The singer considers himself to nebenarm gender. That is, consider yourself and a man and a woman at once.

Сэм Смит рассказал, что его били за ношение женской одежды и косметики

Men in female outfits in our time are increasingly common. The other day extravagant singer Sam Smith said as wore women’s clothes and received for it from the same guy.

Early in his career, Sam tried to reveal his feminine side and often wore women’s clothes. But at the age of 19 he became the victim of a crime of hate. About the incident, he said in an interview with Out.

I used to wear makeup and wore women’s clothes. But since then, I punched one guy, I got dressed easier. I then began to show their masculine side, and my career began to take off. I then decided that I dwell on this because it was easier and safer

— said Sam and noted that the experiments with women’s closet is not abandoned.

Smith also recently stunned the public by request to speak about it, using the pronouns “they/them”.

Changing pronouns, I felt incredible freedom. Though relieved. But one pain came another pain. People don’t like this difference and respond with insults

— said the singer. Yet few people are talking about Smith in the plural, but the singer believes that this should be used.

I believe that living by pretending to be much more painful than to insults because you’re real. Better I will make everything that on me spilling, but I will not lie to yourself. So it is impossible to live

— summed up artist.

Interestingly, several star mom small sons also choose women’s dresses and enjoy wearing them to school. For example, sons Charlize Theron and Megan Fox. Some photos of star offspring easily mistaken for girls. However, the actress believes that it is impossible to interfere with the child to determine their internal gender.