Sanctions against Russian gas and oil through Ukraine: the U.S. Senate approved the military budget

The U.S. Senate has approved the draft defense budget of the country for 2020. The document includes sanctions against the builders of the two Russian gas pipelines, military assistance to Ukraine and 12-week paid leave for child birth for Federal employees. About it writes “Radio Freedom”.

Санкции против российских газопроводов и помощь Украине: Сенат США одобрил военный бюджет

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The budget of $738 billion approved by a majority of votes for the adoption of spoke 86 members of the upper house of Congress, against 8 people. The document includes restrictions against participants in the construction of Russian gas pipeline “Nord stream – 2” and “Turkish stream”. Sanctions will help to preserve the energy security of Europe, believe the authors.

The pipelines should be operational by 2020. With the help of projects Russia is trying to reduce the dependence of its energy exports transit through Ukraine. “Gazprom” expects to complete construction of both roads before the sanctions take effect.

The defense budget includes military assistance to Ukraine worth $300 million we are Talking including payment of supply of lethal weapons to the country. Separate document forbids the U.S. government to recognize Crimea as part of Russia.

A separate measure of containment of Russia in the budget bill called the ban on the transfer of Turkish F-35 fighter after the purchase of Russian air defense systems s-400.

In addition, the draft budget includes the introduction of paid leave for the birth of a child to all Federal employees of the United States. The 12-week holiday will be based on all two million one hundred thousand Federal employees after the birth or adoption of a child and will cost $3.3 billion over 5 years.