Sanders was ahead of Biden: who will be the opponent of the trump in the presidential election of 2020

Former Vice-President of the USA Joe Biden, who was considered the favorite in the presidential race of the Democratic party, lost the second pre-election, losing to independent Senator Bernie Sanders and former mayor Pete Buttidzhichem. Will they be able to compete with the US President Donald Trump? Turned edition BBC.

Сандерс опередил Байдена: кто станет противником Трампа на президентских выборах 2020

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The winner of the evening in new Hampshire, the independent Senator from Vermont Bernie Sanders called the vote results “the beginning of the end of trump.”

Only new Hampshire voted about 280 thousand Democrats, and 26% of the vote went to 78-year-old Sanders, a convinced politics are extremely left-wing.

However, his nearest pursuer — 38-year-old Pete Buttidzhichem who hold more centrist views — he walked only 1.6%, which is about 4300 votes.

The results of the preliminary elections in the state of new Hampshire ended Tuesday night, February 11, forced the observers to the United States to recognize that Sanders could be a candidate for President from the Democratic party.

“During the campaign of 2016 even Democrats considered him too far left and radical candidate, says the political scientist, Professor, stony brook University Jonathan Sanders. But I guess Biden has made too many mistakes, and, as it was in his time with Hillary Clinton, he does not like even the most ardent supporters of the Democratic party.”

In the US, Bernie Sanders really think a socialist. His opponents constantly remind us that in his youth, the future Senator came into the youth division of the Socialist party of America, and in the late 1980s and spent 10 days on a trip to the Soviet Union, spending in this country your “honeymoon”.

By midnight local time announced the results from 90% of polling stations, where voted representatives of the Democratic party. According to official figures, an independent Senator has received 26% of votes, slightly ahead of former mayor of South Bend, Indiana Pete Buttidzhichem. The Senator from Minnesota Amy Klobuchar was third, with almost 20% of the vote.

A few minutes before the announcement of the election results, speaking to his supporters in new Hampshire, Sanders announced that he will be a contender for the presidency from the Democratic party.

“We are winning, he said. — So people have voted in Iowa, and having won here today, we will go to Nevada, South Carolina, and there, too, we will win.”

The results of the vote in the state of new Hampshire forced the two presidential candidates to declare their refusal to participate in the presidential race. This was officially announced by entrepreneur Andrew young and Senator from Colorado Michael Bennet. Thus, in the next primary election will involve only the nine representatives of the Democratic party.

The success of Bernie Sanders in new Hampshire supporters of Democrats in the United States regarded as a victory of the extreme left wing of the party. Independent Senator voted youth as well as representatives of African American and Spanish community in the United States.

Democrats shift focus on Nevada and South Carolina

These States are more diverse in demographic terms, which may not bring such results in the primaries in Iowa and new Hampshire, writes, “Voice of America”.

Democrats vying for the right to challenge President Donald Trump on the election in November, has shifted the focus on Nevada and South Carolina, after Bernie Sanders cemented his favorite status with a victory in the primaries in new Hampshire by a small margin from Pete Buttidzhichem.

While Sanders, a progressive Senator from neighboring Vermont, and Buttidzhich, a moderate former mayor of South Bend in Indiana, took first and second place in new Hampshire, the voting also showed growing support for the centrist Senator from Minnesota Amy Klobuchar, which took third place.

Two Democrats, whose prospects have become more uncertain, the progressive Senator from Massachusetts Elizabeth Warren and former us Vice-President Joe Biden, who was once the favorite of the race, won in new Hampshire in fourth and fifth place, which sparked new questions about the viability of their candidates.

In new Hampshire Sanders received 26% of votes, and Buttidzhich – 24. Klobuchar received 20%, Warren – 9 Biden – 8.

Branch of the party in new Hampshire reported that in the vote took part 294 of thousands of voters, breaking the record set in 2008, when a historic part in the election of Barack Obama has inspired the country and the primaries came to 288 thousand people.

Commenting on the high turnout, Sanders, in his statement on Wednesday, said: “Our campaign was able to reach out to workers, youth, non-white communities and those who believe in a government of compassion and justice. This is the coalition that wins the election”.

But many Democrats from the traditional currents in the party are concerned that the uncompromising liberal Sanders will lose in the confrontation with trump.

The following States in the schedule of primaries and Caucus more diverse demographically than the mostly white and rural Iowa and new Hampshire.

Soon the voting will take place on February 22 in Nevada, where more than a quarter of the population is immigrants from Latin America. Then, after a week, it will be the turn of South Carolina, where about a quarter of the population is African – American.

Buttidzhich said Wednesday that his good results in Iowa and new Hampshire show that he is gaining momentum.

His staff said that he will double the number of organizational personnel in Nevada to 100 people.

Buttidzhich also launched a commercial on television in the state, which focuses on its offerings in the field of health. They assume access to the government program Medicare Medicare, but also allow those who wish to retain their private insurance.

Sanders proposes to replace private health insurance the government plan, involving universal access to free medical care on the basis of the program of medical care for older Americans Medicare.

“I think we get a completely new picture from black and Hispanic voters, because they are very much betting that we will win Donald trump, because they are among those with the most to lose if they have to go through another term of the current President,” said Buttidzhich.

The candidates-Democrats after new Hampshire was reduced to eight. The former Governor of Massachusetts, 63-year-old Deval Patrick stopped the campaign.

If Bernie Sanders to reach the end?

Joe Biden is the only candidate ahead of Bernie Sanders in the national polls — handed position.

Pete Buttidzhich confidently took the second place, but it is unclear whether it is the same success beyond the first two States voted.

His closest rival in the left liberal wing of the Elizabeth Warren still needs to prove that he can get closer to Sanders. The success of Amy Klobuchar says that she will be somewhere nearby, taking advantage of the moderate support.

In 2016, Sanders ran in the election the wall after new Hampshire. Now, given the large amount of money, proven in battle, organizers of his national campaign, and a divided opposition, Sanders way forward at the moment looks the most striking, although success is not guaranteed.

He may be the most leftist candidate than anyone the Democrats nominated for the presidency since George McGovern. Among the party establishment, there are still many who with a sinking heart, she remembers how in 1972 he defeated Richard Nixon.

The former mayor of the city of South Bend Pete Buttidzhich, which opponents often accused of lack of experience in politics, in response to the victory of Senator Sanders announced that he will not be able to compete with Donald Trump. According to all opinion polls, it is the ability to challenge Trump supporters of the Democratic party I think the main quality for a potential presidential candidate.

“We will not be able to defeat the most controversial President in modern American history, voting for the man who is not supported by the majority, — he said, speaking to supporters in Our town in new Hampshire. — A political position that rejects any opposition opinion, will lead to the re-election of Donald trump”.

Bernie Sanders really adheres to the radical, from the point of view of American voters, positions. He advocated free medical care for all, the abolition of paid higher education, the legalization of marijuana in all States and increasing taxes for the richest Americans.

The losers in this vote, Joe Biden, before the preliminary election is considered the favorite in the fight for the nomination, declared that he did not intend to give up. Even before the announcement of the voting results in new Hampshire may have fled the state and held a meeting with his supporters in South Carolina. According to Biden, the defeat in the first primaries will not affect his chances during the elections of the President of the United States.

“It is very important that Iowa and Nevada have already expressed their views, Biden said, confusing new Hampshire with the state of Nevada. — But look, we need to hear what they think everyone from Nevada to South Carolina, before the “super Tuesday” and so on. Then we will all be able to make a decision.”

“Super Tuesday” — a day in the US, when preliminary elections will be held in the greatest number of States. This year it will be held in 15 States. Traditionally, the results of the vote is determined and the most likely contender for the presidency of one of the parties. Looks like a former race leader, ex-Vice-President Joe Biden will not be.

The analysts without undue optimistic about the chances of the current winners — Bernie Sanders and Pete Buttidzhichem to the success in the presidential race.

“Both represent too many different factions in the Democratic party, says Jonathan Sanders. — Sanders support the youth and far-left supporters of the Democrats, and its unlikely to support in the South and the Midwest, and an openly gay Buttidzhich not popular in conservative States.”

The United States presidential election will be held November 3 and we are expecting a difficult process provisional ballots and selections of candidates. Check what you know about this difficult process with our fun quiz.




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