Santa Dimopoulos admitted, how many years older than her husband

Santa Dimopoulos said that the age difference does not prevent them with my husband to be happy.

Санта Димопулос призналась, на сколько лет супруг старше неё

Santa Dimopoulos loves to answer questions from subscribers on his page in Instagram and she recently received a question about the age difference with her boyfriend. So, one of podeschi Santa asked whether the relationship with a man, her senior by 20 years. The singer kept his head and gave an example from his life. So, Santa said that the husband is older than her 18 years and this does not prevent them to be happy.

“Again a strange question. Everything is possible! Another question – is it for you. My husband and I have a difference of 18 years, but for 7 years we are together and this is the happiest time in my life. Understand, to each his own,” said Santa.