Santa Dimopoulos admitted that her husband was present at birth

The star admitted that her husband’s presence at childbirth was very important

Санта Димопулос призналась, что её муж присутствовал на родах

The former participant of group “VIA Gra” Santa Dimopoulos, which is a month and a half ago gave birth to a daughter, continues to share with the fans details of pregnancy and childbirth.

So, now the star touched on the topic of partnership delivery and told me that her husband was near during the birth.

On his page in Instagram singer published “pregnant” photo, which poses in a pink lace bodysuit and jacket, under which shared their experience of partnership delivery.

According to Santa, the partnership delivery was a pleasure, the first husband must consciously wanting and willing to attend the birth. Not because it was crushed, asked for or even blackmailed.

The second rule Dimopoulos, is that man should not interfere during childbirth and to help, that is to communicate with the outside world (staff, physician), to do massage, put to music, hold hands, stroke or just to be there.

“My husband was ready and was present at the birth of all his children (three to Sofia). For me it was very important because the presence at birth of the future father turns the action from a purely medical procedure to “birth family”, filled with great meaning” — confessed celebrity.