Santa Dimopoulos said, how was the birth

Former member of the Ukrainian group “VIA Gra” Santa Dimopoulos recently for the second time became a mother on September 14, she gave birth to a daughter. The name of the baby singer were not disclosed, but it is in detail told, how was the birth. By the way, for such an important event, the actress chose a clinic and doctor in Monaco.

Санта Димопулос рассказала, как проходили роды

In his last publication was a 32-year-old Santa also admitted how much she paid for foreign labor, and why did you choose this place. The story she was accompanied by a gentle “pregnant” photo, as well as with the newborn baby in the house.

According to the singer, they chose Europe to her husband was able to be around, but if you need to fly to Kiev for work.

“First I considered Miami, but he disappeared as soon as we realized that my husband will not be able to be there, he needs to be some time in Kiev for work. We spent quite some time looking for a suitable home for 3.5 months and found in Beausoleil, a 5-minute drive from the hospital Princess grace. As I was afraid of rapid delivery, my choice is obvious. In nice (clinic Lenval) and Monaco gave birth to many of my friends and the vast majority are satisfied with their choice. I did a lot of research))) Interviewed all the friends, read the French forums, visited about 6 doctors. And yet, why this place?

First, doctors. I needed super professional. When I met with the chief doctor of the hospital, I realized that the bear will have it. Very calm, confident and experienced. Second, the weather, the sea, the air, the food, the atmosphere. I really wanted to break away from the daily chores and routine, to devote himself to the little girl and to get pleasure from this period”, — said Dimopoulos.

She gave details and prices.

doctor 4000€
— anesthesiologist 2000€
It is possible and cheaper, I just established itself as the specialist.
hospital 2700€ (single chamber)
— The U.S. is about 200€
— tests for 100€,” — says the singer.

Earlier, she told a little about the process of childbirth, and also showed a photo with a newborn daughter.

“Pulling a little girl, it was immediately put on my chest. The doctor waited until the cord was ompulsive (20 minutes) and only then he allowed my husband to cut it. So we were 1.5 hours. Words cannot describe these feelings, this is space. The whole world ceased to exist except us. Only after that she was weighed, measured and immediately took us to the house. By the way, I immediately stood up and went:) It’s about the quality of epidural anaesthesia. Overall, it went better than I could imagine. This day I’ll remember as the real miracle and absolute happiness,” admitted Santa.

Members thanked the actress for the detailed story and left reviews gentle affectionate photo.

  • Goddess
  • If the income allows, why not! So I guess.
  • And his eyes are so gentle when holding your baby
  • Thank you for your honest post about the price and country. You are beautiful, bless You and your family
  • Very norms prices
  • Santa, you’re adorable!!!!
  • So soft and beautiful. Health of mother and baby!!!
  • Of course the prices of tin, gold birth.. well the main thing that all is well
  • Santa, you are insanely beautiful, the photo after birth with the baby. Hope that’s possible!)