Santa Dimopoulos touched photo with newborn daughter

The former participant of group “VIA Gra” Santa Dimopoulos recently became a mother for the second time — the actress gave birth to a daughter in a clinic in Monaco. There’s also a mom with a child that still remain and gather strength. The singer is very openly shared on the network with the details of how passed childbirth, as well as showing cute footage of baby.

Санта Димопулос растрогала фото с новорожденной дочерью

So, Santa has published on his page in Instagram tremulous picture in which she holds daughter on hands and smiling happily. Child filmed with his back to the camera so that his face cannot be seen.

The actress said that the baby was only a month, but it is not, as before was without her.

“Today is a big holiday – Day of the blessed virgin Mary! A month of our Princess. Only a month and she’s already brought so much to our lives – unconditional love, a sense of absolute happiness and sense of unity with her, with each other, with the Universe and I don’t imagine my life without it” — shared the young mother.

Subscribers congratulations to Santa and left her a lot Milenij reviews.

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