Sarah Jessica Parker checked out Kristin Davis on the knowledge of the “Sex and the city”

The actress participated in the show, Andy Cohen.

Сара Джессика Паркер проверила Кристин Дэвис на знание «Секса в большом городе»

Kristin Davis, who starred in the television series “Sex and the city” Charlotte York, was the guest of the talk show, Andy Cohen. The presenter started talking about the show and asked Christine who the stars of the show reflects more of her character in real life. Davis called Cynthia Nixon, who played the role of lawyer Miranda Hobbes.

Cohen also asked Christine about the most memorable or most hated scene in the series.

Least favorite is when we were shooting the bed scene with a guy, and he had to shout in my face dirty. I really really really did not like. I hated him so much!

— said the actress.

As a surprise in the Studio show the voice of Sarah Jessica Parker, the female lead role in the TV series, Carrie Bradshaw, whom he contacted by phone. She also asked a colleague a question:

I will ask about food, because for her we talked about all the time. So, I want you to sit in your time machine and went back to Morocco for the shooting of “Sex and the city 2”. I want to ask what we ate every day at 11:30 in the morning?

Without thinking, Christine excitedly said:

Sandwiches! We went and bought sandwiches with home grown tomatoes, but we had a very long walk.