Sarah Jessica Parker told not like Carey Bradshaw

Cary Bradshaw from “Sex in the city” love shopping and are ready to give last money for a new pair of shoes. However, the performer of this role Sarah Jessica Parker is nothing like her character.

Сара Джессика Паркер рассказала, в чем не похожа на Кэри Брэдшоу

In an interview Parker said that can’t call myself a Shopaholic, and she’s absolutely sure.

For many years I do not consider themselves dependent on shopping. Previously, I was a little Shopaholic. But shopping sometimes makes me restless,

— says the actress.

The star of the show “Sex in the city” admits that always asks a lot of questions before you buy something. It is because of the inner anguish she feels anxious.

If I buy something, I say to myself: “Oh, I really need this? Am I going to want this in 5 years? It would look good on me in 5 years?”

— shared Parker.

But some features of her character, the actress still took over. According to Sarah Jessica, at Bradshaw, she picked up the habit to accumulate. This new trait can’t understand even the husband of actress Matthew Broderick. Thinking about what will happen when Parker retires, caring Matthew says that this moment will not come never. But Sarah still keeps in her closet unnecessary things, which she believes is clearly useful to her when she does retire.