Saudi Arabia has raised oil prices

Саудовская Аравия подняла цены на нефть


The demand for oil is restored, experts say

For Asia, the Saudi oil rises third month in a row. Also prices will rise for the United States and Northern Europe.

Saudi national oil company Saudi Aramco raised prices for oil with August delivery to Asia, USA and Northern Europe, writes on Monday, July 6,Bloombergсо a link to the sources.

“This step is caused by the fact that the world’s largest exporter of crude oil is pushing other countries to join him in cutting supplies to restore balance in the market”, — stated in the message.

According to the Agency, the premium for Arab Light grade will be $1.2 per barrel, for different grades of oil — $1 per barrel.

It is noted that rates for Asia increased for the third month in a row.

Saudi Arabia forms the delivery schedule on the basis of demands of consumers at the beginning of each month.

Earlier, media reported that Saudi Arabia has threatened a price war in the oil market, if members of the OPEC agreement+ does not compensate for the reduction in production.