Saudi Arabia is preparing to show ‘evidence’ of Iranian involvement in attacks on oil refineries (PHOTOS)

Саудовская Аравия готовится показать 'вещественные доказательства' причастности Ирана к атакам на нефтяные заводы (ФОТО)

Oil company Saudi Arabia Aramco by the end of September to return to the previous level of oil production after the drone attacks on the largest production in the country, said the head of the company Nasser Amin. According to him, Aramco is in the process of returning the refinery to full capacity, and petroleum products sufficient to ensure local market, reports Reuters. The volume of oil reserves Aramco is more than 60 million barrels.

The Minister of energy of the Kingdom Prince Abdulaziz bin Salman said that the country will maintain supplies to all customers in September in full: over the past two days, according to him, it was restored more than half of the production lost in the terrorist attack.

“The supply of oil will return to the market in the same volume to 3:43 a.m. Saturday,” he said, adding that the company Aramco after the attack has risen “like a Phoenix from the ashes.” Prince Abdulaziz said that Riyadh does not know who and why had committed the attacks, adding that Saudi Arabia intends to maintain the role of a reliable supplier on the world market and will take tough measures to prevent similar attacks in the future.

The Saudi Ambassador in London Prince Khalid bin Bandar bin Sultan al Saud in turn told the air force that the attack “almost certainly” is Iran. “We try not to react too quickly, because the extension conflict in the region is the last thing we need,” he said. Saudi Arabia is cooperating on this issue with the US, UN, Britain and “all who want to participate”.

Saudi state television reported that the Ministry of defence of the Kingdom will hold a press conference on Wednesday, which will present “evidence” of Iranian involvement in attacks on Aramco, including the use of Iranian weapons. France will send experts to Saudi Arabia to help investigate attacks on oil installations in the Kingdom. French President Emmanuel macron has strongly condemned the attack, which threatens to undermine the diplomatic efforts of Paris to prevent conflict between the US and Iran.

The Iranian defense Minister Amir Khatami denied that Iran was involved in attacks on oil infrastructure in Saudi Arabia. As reported by Iranian news Agency Tasnim, the data on which refers to Reuters, Khatami said that it is about the conflict between Yemen and Saudi Arabia.

“We don’t want conflict in the region… Who started the conflict? Not Yemenis. It was Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, America, some European countries and the Zionist regime (Israel), who began the war in the region”, – is spoken in the video speech of Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, a common Iranian media. Rouhani said Iran is loyal to the Houthis attacked the Saudi oil facilities at the weekend as a “warning” after the attacks on hospitals, schools and markets in Yemen.

On the night of 14 September, the Houthis attacked enterprises of the Saudi national oil company Saudi Aramco in the East 10 drones. Was attacked the world’s largest oil refinery near the town of Abqaiq, where many Western experts, as well as refineries in the area Juris, which is the second largest oil field in the Kingdom. After the attacks on them broke out a large fire, the fire managed to localize.

Following the attacks, oil production in Saudi Arabia decreased by 50%. U.S. Secretary of state Michael Pompeo was accused of involvement in the attacks Iran, saying that the attacks were made not from Yemen. In turn, the Iranian foreign Ministry called the accusations groundless Pompeo, calling the tactics of the US against Tehran “tactics maximum lies.” American President Donald trump on the background of these events gave permission, if necessary, use the national strategic oil reserves. Meanwhile the official representative of the Kingdom of the Arabian-led coalition said the attack on the oil facilities made not from Yemen, as the Houthis, and the attack on Aramco, the weapon is of Iranian origin.