Saunders will present the latest information on the project “Public space” (PHOTO)

Сондерс изложит свежую информацию по проекту «Общественное пространство» (ФОТО)

Police chief mark Saunders will present this morning with updated information on the 11-week project, police service Toronto, aimed at improving safety in areas where there is the highest level of violence with weapons.

The project, dubbed “Project Community Space” (Project for Public space), was launched in August after police received $ 4.5 million from all three levels of government to combat gang violence.

Additional resources were provided to areas of the city struggling with gun violence.

Saunders had previously stated that the police in each area will interact with the residents, and in some areas will be increased police presence.

“Getting extra information, we need to delve into the schemes and trends, to understand where you need our presence, and demanded what type of resources,” said Saunders last month.

Now that the police of Toronto have already started to implement the initiative, Saunders would provide additional information on the project.

Press conference to begin at 10:15 a.m. in the headquarters of the Toronto police.