Save from a coma: there is fresh news on the state of the car crash

Спасают от комы: появились свежие новости о состоянии Заворотнюк

Russian actress Anastasia Zavorotnyuk, who, according to rumors, the fourth stage of brain cancer, is in a state of stupor.

It is reported by Telegram-channel Mash.

This condition is an unusually deep sleep, when patients do not respond to their environment, not to answer questions.

This state of man can only be a short time to bring the brute impact: long shake, cry, tweaks, injections with a needle.

It prekomatosnoe condition, and the rehab medical center, which is Zavorotnyuk, do everything that the actress is not in a coma.

The channel sources note that in all treatments Zavorotnyuk is transported using a special wheelchair.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that the actress paralysis of the right side of the body.

Also recall that the family of the car crash made the first official statement, disappointing fans of the actress.

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