Save Halloween!

Save Halloween!


Not a year goes by without Halloween being at the heart of a social debate. 

The sexy nurses are only the last symptom of this collective hostage-taking of a party that is constantly taken over by the cause of the moment.

There was the banning of Squid Games costumes, because, objectively, parents let too young children watch this ultra-violent TV series which was not intended for them.

There was COVID, while children were out in the street , would have been responsible for the third wave that doomed Christmas in 2020.

Over the years, prohibitions have accumulated, like indulgences on the altar of political correctness.

Just pleasure

It's so, above all, that we have forgotten why adults and children love Halloween: it's the anti-Christmas!

Because Halloween is the joy of meeting up with people who 'we like to party and splurge, without the Christmas homework.

No gifts, no nice dresses, no turkey and even less heartbreak over family obligations. Just a party.

For children, it's the magic of Christmas, without its drawbacks.

The magic of inventing, for a day, a reality parallel in which all fantasies are allowed. The happiness, not of playing, but of believing oneself to be a princess or a firefighter. The audacity to be a rock star even if it will never happen. The nerve of dressing up as an eggplant emoji without mom having understood. The pride of being scary without being scared.

Halloween is above all the right to break the rules of everyday life. The right to wear make-up, to eat too many sweets, to go to bed too late, not to fall asleep because of the “sugar rush”.


Halloween is also, and perhaps above all, like Christmas, an opportunity to perpetuate traditions.

My mother was the queen of Halloween. An old kimono and one of its hairpieces (it was still fashionable at the time) and I became a Geisha before I knew what it meant. Regardless, it was beautiful. A piece of golden fabric, a wig and a make-up operation, and I found myself in the skin of Cleopatra.

Clown, Pierrot, Bécassine, Pippi Longstocking, she always had the answer to my delusions of the moment.

I took up the torch with a wacky caveman costume for my husband's son, dog bone belt and jute tunic to back it up.

Joint project

But it was with my daughter that I rediscovered the full potential of this party.

Rock star costume, witch from Mulan, zombie bride are all excuses to have a common project for sheltered from duties and responsibilities.

There are the long reflections on the concept to be retained, then the repeated visits to the Village des Valeurs and to the fabric stores, and finally, the confection. Cut, recut, sew, start over… Mistakes become pretexts for giggles that place this vast project at the heart of a privileged moment.

It's also just that and all that, Halloween .

The end result is never perfect. But we are still as proud as we are happy. Because together, every time, we remember that Halloween is the day of the year when we don't care!

One night a year, that's not too much to ask , right?

Save Halloween!