Save time, space and money: how abbreviations simplify life in the United States

With the acceleration of life is accelerating, and writing. As in the United States use abbreviations to save time, space and money, says the author of the channel Galochka on “Yandex.Zen”.

Экономят время, место и деньги: как аббревиатуры упрощают жизнь в США

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We should mention that many, saying “America” to mean the Northern continent. In the Americas, countries are called as they should be called. But what we usually mean when we say “America” — call US or USA that is an acronym, by the way. When you say America it means the whole continent, for example, all countries of North and South America. I hope that my small amendment in the beginning of the article will help some to decide the correct designation of countries of the American continent.

So. In the United States commonly use different kinds of abbreviations and acronyms: on road signs, bus routes, surveyed, in your cookbook, finally. Abbreviation as a particular way of reducing concoction became widespread in the twentieth century.

There are several types of abbreviations. Talk about those that please me in the United States every day.

For digestible reading of the inscriptions on street signs, writing documents, filling in questionnaires etc. were made very simple and viable reduction. For example:

  • BOULEVARD from boulevard — Boulevard; agree, for English writing is quite challenging (my favorite cut);
  • CSW — causeway, which means the highway, bridge;
  • PKW — parkway — alley. Agree, abbreviated to write address with this word is much easier;
  • HGW — highway — motorway, Expressway;
  • TBLSP (TBSP) — table spoon — table spoon finally!

We all also know or have heard the following abbreviations:

  • CEO — Chief Executive Officer — CEO;
  • EVP — Executive Vice President — everything is clear;
  • M. PHIL or MPHIL — Master of Philosophy;
  • SVP — Senior Vice President — senior Vice President.

But the very convenient abbreviations which are lacking in the Russian language:

  • AFAIK — as far as I know. Let’s put it this reduction has a right to assimilation in the Russian language! NAS — as far as I know. Or so — NMI — as far as I know. Here why not?
  • Or DIY — do it yourself. DIY — SS! Briefly and clearly.

And that is not enough specifically me in the lines of profiles — only a couple millimeters of height and length 3 cm, and I have only the name of the issuing authority, should take at least 5 of these lines! How about to write TP n 5 MIRNG OUFMS Russia MSK OBL IN Gros Chkalov? Anyone push the idea.

All known shrink — P. S. This reduction can often be found at the end of the letters or treatment. It’s simple — PS the Latin post script, even in Russian sounds almost as a PostScript.

But others appear frequently in the letter abbreviations, educated in the Latin language. Please note that they are written in small capital letters, in contrast to the PS:

  • e.g. — this reduction can be seen prior to enumeration of examples. Latin for exampli gratia, which means “example given” (given the example);
  • etc — comes from the Latin et cetera, meaning “and others”;
  • i.e. is a very popular abbreviation that is used everywhere. Taken from the Latin id est, meaning “that is” — “what is…” or “what is…”;
  • n.b. — sometimes used at the end of correspondence, and derives from the Latin nota bene, which means “take notice”, “note well”. In Russian — put a note, remember, pay attention.

Most interestingly, when writing an article, that in search of arguments and facts we continue to grow. For example, I first saw a few abbreviations, which I didn’t before. I hope you like this

  • B. Y. O. B. — bring your own bottle, bring your own drinks. It can be found in the description of the parties or on the website of the restaurant if it sells alcohol, and parties will be brought drinks. Adopting.

So now we come to the most important part — saving. Imagine the size of the road signs in the US such as huge, like portions in restaurants (proportionally), and indeed all here. Now, take into account the cost of creating one of the road signs (development, application of special reflective materials, etc.) and multiply by the entire country… Then themselves.

This is a brief information about accepted in the United States the abbreviations used and neighbouring countries. There are more acronyms: abbreviations of the first letters of sentences of several words. For example, all known FAQ. But that’s for next time.

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